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It began with a philosophy...


Founded in 2006, Pure Fastpitch has a rich history of success in training softball athletes.  From settling the nerves of a shy young player to the biggest stages of our sport, we have been there every step of the way.


Our training is founded in proven sustainable methods which produce consistent results.  We have helped hundreds of athletes survive and thrive in the ultra competitive world of Fastpitch Softball.


With a proven track record, a robust training facility, and a specialized team... Pure Fastpitch is uniquely positioned to take your athlete to the next level and beyond.  



Bill Jackson has a unique perspective on the Fastpitch landscape.  As a recreational coach in Huntington Beach in the early 90’s, Bill set out to establish a winning culture at his home league. This experience led to the establishment of the “Legacy Softball Club” which developed numerous local players into college recruits to play softball.  Over the past 30 years Bill's teams have competed at the highest levels of the sport.  On the training side, Bill is a certified fitness coach and speed coach.  Bill's quest for knowledge has never stopped and he continues to be a student of the game, in order to provide the best information and training to his students.  Pure Fastpitch has perfected the methods that work in order to help young athletes succeed.  Our trainers bring their own experiences but at Pure Fastpitch, we are dedicated to training the Pure Fastpitch way.


Stephanie Coyne is a Local Huntington Beach player who grew up in the South Huntington Beach League.  Stephanie played at Calvary Chapel High school where she had an outstanding career. Stephanie played softball at Concordia University and graduated in 2017.  Stephanie has been a valued trainer at Pure Fastpitch for 3 years.  She builds a very special bond with her students and even though she has fun with her players, the work and progress she achieves is remarkable.


Madison is Played Softball at Calvary chapel High School, Orange coast College and San Diego Christian University.  She has tremendous knowledge of the fundamentals of the game. Madison is soft spoken but firm in her knowledge of the game. She will be offering, hitting, pitching, catching, and defensive training.


Samantha is a Pure Fastpitch alumni who played high school softball at Marina.  She played in college at the University of Louisiana Monroe and graduated in 2017.  Samantha has an outgoing personality and is very passionate about the game of softball.  She will be doing catching, hitting, and pitching lessons. 

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